Say It In Red
    CVA Advertising’s philosophies are best represented in our Mission Statement. The mission of CVA Advertising & Marketing, Inc., is to be an outstanding provider of quality advertising for our Clients. We accomplish this mission by following these business principles:

  • ONE
    We will do everything we can to improve our Clients’ sales by providing them with high-quality, effective advertising that moves consumers to action.

  • TWO
    We will provide complete advertising and marketing services that utilize the most advanced techniques and strategies. We will use these tools to our Clients’ advantage to keep them ahead of their competition.

    We will price our services to our Clients fairly and honestly.

  • FOUR
    We believe that what is best for our Client is best for us.

  • FIVE
    We are committed to use only suppliers that have proven that they can meet CVA’s quality standards, are cost conscious and efficient for our Clients.

  • SIX
    We believe that our Clients’ satisfaction is paramount in building our agency’s reputation, and that their success leads to our success.

    We will constantly strive to improve our service to our Clients by expanding our knowledge and marketing skills, and by applying these skills to benefit our Clients by helping them achieve their business goals.

    We believe that the ideal Agency/Client relationship is achieved through mutual trust and the forming of a partnership that provides growth for both the Agency and the Client.

  • NINE
    We will provide to our Clients complete accessibility and total dependability from all of our professional staff, and we dedicate ourselves to providing superior service in all our endeavors.

  • TEN
    We will strive to work only for a select group of Clients who share these same business philosophies, and who appreciate the marketing and advertising function as an integral part of their overall business plan.
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