West Texas Icons

In 2021 CVA made the decision to move into a brand new office space. Our state-of-the-art facility is modern, efficient, comfortable and geared for creative interaction that facilitates marketing solutions for our clients. Moving into a new space, however, does pose a question for CVA- what do we do with all these empty walls?

Of course, we could purchase art and post it all around the new office. But why do that when we have some of the best artists in West Texas working under our very roof? The artists at CVA immediately began to brainstorm and create multiple art pieces to be placed in and around the office. Each in mind represents different aspects of CVA.

One of the pieces created by our in-house artists is West Texas Icons. The title plays off the idea that the art-piece represents iconic imagery that West Texas and, more specifically, Odessa is known for. Also, the illustration has been created in a vector icon style of design. The imagery includes wildlife, flora, industry and lifestyle symbols seen around the area. The colors chosen for this design are the official color palette of CVA Advertising & Marketing.




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